20 lb. Package – $74.55

50 lb. Package – $172.00

Which cool season grass holds up to the greatest amount of wear? DuraTurf.

In a recent study conducted by UCR (funded by the NFL), research was conducted to determine which cool season grasses hold up to the greatest amount of wear. An apparatus was created which simulated cleats and was rolled over several different types of turfs. The results were quite astounding, shattering old myths about wearability of grasses. The study determined that cool season grasses ranked in this order for wearability… ryegrass, tall fescue, and bluegrass.

With that information we went to the laboratory and mixed together the best tall fescues, bluegrass and ryegrasses in a combination that created beauty and function. We named this product DuraTurf®, a name to symbolize the ability to endure.

Perhaps your turf is going to be the “neighborhood” playground or you are going to have heavy activity on the turf, such as a fair, dance, athletic event, or musical event. For cool season grasses the DuraTurf® combination is the best according to research. Add DuraTurf’s natural insect resistence and you have one of the toughest lawns around.

DuraTurf® Qualities

  • Wearability: excellent
  • Shade tolerance: good
  • Color: very dark green
  • Germination time: fast
  • Texture: medium-coarse
  • Water consumption: moderate
  • Strippable: yes
  • Height of cut: 1.5″ to 3.5″
  • Fertilization: 4-6 times a year
  • Frequency of mowing: every week out of dormancy
  • Winter dormancy: yes, in northern climates
  • Moderate: no, bunch-type growth habits
  • Rooting depth: 30″ or more
  • Sod: Available in limited markets
  • Seeding rate: 10-12#/1,000 sq. ft.

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